You Did Your BEST!

Purva Agarwal
3 min readApr 29, 2020

One of the biggest truth we need to accept is the unpredictability of life. Ever wonder that the days and moments we are going to live in future is so uncertain that it differs from your reality and expectations but eventually we will live through it. But I always feel this erraticness is true beauty of life.

At some point of time your past and present was equally unpredictable too but you lived it. You played your level best character in those chapters! You got the lessons meant for you in past and you are making sincere efforts to make your present count! So someday you deserve to hear ….” You Did Your Best”

Life is a Stage with Extreme Diversity!

Thinking more about this, there is no boundaries, no protocols to the platform of life where we are bound to give our best! Let it be your career, your passion, your emotions, your studies, your duties, everything is a stage for you to show the best of you!

I definitely can’t assure that all of your efforts will turn victorious! Triumph is not an everyday thing. But you will surely make your effort count when it’s end result is unreliable for you.

Nothing can match your journey of efforts. It offers you with long list of versatile experiences that surely is longer than your wish-list! You experience your own feelings, your curiosity, your strength, your weakness, your failures, your struggles, your pain, your heartache, your courage, your focus and your determination!

In my growing stages, I started to realise no other thing than an EXPERIENCE can be extremely valuable. Your experience be it in any thing is the true evidence of your efforts, so do make your level best effort to gain that best experience.

Many a times, it might happened to you that you regret some of experiences, you hate to mentioned your efforts, you feel hurt with the choices you made! But at least you gave your best! It is true that your best efforts can be your mistakes too. But every mistakes comes with a lesson! It brings an opportunity to unfold something new.

Cherish your past mistakes because at some point of time it was an effort that you made!

I know neither of our experiences are mutual nor our efforts will be. But why is there a need to compare the efforts we make? People will be there always to challenge your efforts, to make your experience difficult and painful. In fact many a times you will be making an effort for someone, who is important and special part of your experience. But still it’s all about your efforts….your best efforts!

Deep down, your efforts is the tool that shapes your life. Yours efforts either makes you or breaks you but it is raw and real for you! So no matter where, no matter how, no matter what efforts you make …. but always give your BEST!

Cheers to those who did their best!



Purva Agarwal

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