Yes, We are Damaged!

Purva Agarwal
2 min readDec 18, 2019

Lately, I had this frequent question that why only mature or sound individual is accepted? Like, why people who tends to act like grown ups are more idolised than rest? What is it in this maturity that distinguishes those grown ups? I wonder if these sound humans are for factual!

I strongly agree that holding maturity is righteous, but I don’t want to behave mature by compromising reality. In my beliefs, just for appearing mature is nearly faking about yourself. Sadly, such fake maturity is highly and profoundly accepted. Real Shame!

Maturity should not be portrayed instead behaved!

Not sure how much true is it but as per sayings ‘everyone knows a different version of ourself’. It thoroughly depends upon the bond or contact we hold with them. Something similar is my experience too!

People whom I am close to, always describes me as a girl who is talented, stubborn, kiddish yet understanding individual. Those who I acquaint with, remember me as talkative yet motivating individual. This is when I realised, every human has different shades and not everyone sees the same shades.

Thinking more about these diverse shades of mine, I realised I am still not acceptable for some as they didn’t saw that shade in me which they expect while there are some who accepted any shades of mine without judging either of those.

Well, maybe I don’t want to get accepted as per my shades instead just wanna be same with all, perhaps I am. But thanks to situations man, I get judged or simply misunderstood for being real. Prior I felt need to rectify this but eventually I realised the more real you are, the more damaged you get. I mean come on in this artificial age, reality barely stands.

Eventually, nothing is real. No humans, no friends, no emotions, no relationship, no pain, no struggle, nothing!!

Dare to be real, ready to be more damaged.

By being real, I enjoy the way I am no matter how kiddish, how silly, how irky, how stubborn I can be. But gladly, by being real with myself I need not to pretend being mature, strong, sound or any artificial doll.

I learn to accept that every time maturity is not what needed, being weak is for your own good, never give up on emotions when you are willing to withstand it, never stop your nurturing, never stop yourself from falling, as this is what you will get damaged with but this is what you can be real with.

Growing up did damaged us but only to build us with our real self!

Cheers for being damaged!



Purva Agarwal

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