What’s Your Quarantine Goal?

Purva Agarwal
3 min readApr 14, 2020


QUARANTINE……I bet a couple of months before majority of us never knew such a word exists in dictionary but undoubtedly this word is leaving an extreme benchmark in world of words! Quarantine was like an unwelcome guest in our life but in true sense it was that guest whom we need! Am I sounding crazy? Maybe or maybe not!

Until this year, all of us are true evidence of the rapidly moving and fast pace living, where people have so much on their plate that they were compromising their personal life. They were so involved in fulfilling worldly commitments that they were compromising or ignoring their self-commitments. They were many for whom 24hrs a day was never enough! Man, they surely need a BREAK!

To some extent, am I the only one who is thankful of quarantine period? I mean did anyone else too felt that this world can be slow paced and being on house arrest is actual BLISS! Also did anyone noticed that when was the last time that your whatsapp family group was that active and was flooded with chit chats, that you were receiving quick replies to anybody’s text or video calls were ever that interesting?

Surely, it took a few days for all of us to get adjusted in this quarantine period but a couple of weeks later we have made it as a regular routine. I mean it is so comfy to work from home in your pyjamas, to enjoy your coffee with that unfinished book of yours, to relive your childhood days with those indoor games with siblings, to bake your own birthday cake, to reconnect with people we barely had time for and more importantly to give time to your own selves.

Prior I was fed up to listen from people that quarantine is boredom, but people please understand that

“Quarantine is Self Time

Surely, I was in this boredom too, but with the purpose of keeping myself busy and distracted, I came up with a couple of quarantine goals, which I will complete in these amazing quarantine days! My goals might be silly or interesting but its my list now and surely will be accomplished. Like cooking a new recipe, finishing a pile of books, watching the listed Netflix shows, learning something new through online courses, ETC.

My Quarantine Essentials

Gradually, I am enjoying finishing my list and moreover I can feel the evolvement in me and my mindset. Distancing from outside world and people is giving good mindspace to think about many other areas of life either emotionally or socio- economically. And not to forget I am actually making some savings too!

So sit down and think what is it that you want to accomplish in quarantine? What recipe you want to try? Which book you want to give a read? Which new hobby you want to try your luck with? Which household errands you want to invest your time in? Which series and movies is yet to be enjoyed? Indeed there are so many ‘what’ and ‘which’ we have to find answers to!

Focus on making the best of this quarantine! Learn more about yourself, your caliber, your interests, your duties, your favourites, your future goals!

Make this Quarantine as YOUR QUARANTINE!

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