What’s Your Definition???

Purva Agarwal
2 min readJan 16, 2020

Imagine surviving like no one knows your name, no one knows where you belong to, no one can predict what you do? Imagine walking down a street, thoroughly crowded but no one sees you? No one can feel your existence? I know you are saying it is sounding unusual.

Don’t you believe that living a life itself is becoming a competition. So much so that we need to have an identity to make people realise that yes I am alive. Also, from getting into school till getting a pay check, you have to be competitive every time. But does anyone ever cares to give a thought about why to compete, what to compete about? All people can think is about how to compete!

Personally, I am never fond about how human mentality works. I strongly disagree with it but can’t turn away from reality checks about such mentality.

We pretend to be someone that our mind directs us to be. We can behave a fool or even a prudent if our mind wants us to.

Mentality is manipulative, isn’t it?

Mentality guides our functionality but how can one say their mentality is a human master? I mean it is not always necessary that our mind directs us correctly. It does requires control sometimes!

And that’s the main challenge here ‘Control our mind’. We are part of a competition called LIFE, we indeed follow our mentality to live this competition but did anyone thought about shaping your mentality in your own definition? To make your mentality work with the way you want so that you can live your competition with your rules?

I always say that no one knows you but than your own self. So I say, no one can better control your mentality but you. You have to write your own chapters, in your words with your mentality.

To solve a task or puzzle, we need to define what the task or puzzle is about. So for shaping your own mentality you must know what defines you? Your definition arises when you are aware about how profoundly natural you can be. Where you can be at your best and what is it in you that brings the real you? What it is that defines your courage? What is it that bring your passionate self? You know what you want to be and how much you are striving for same? You know well that what stresses you and what calms you!

Knowing yourself will never be worth unless you define what you know about self!

This definition of you, is your way to control your mentality in any situation and lead a life with your own opinion and strengths.

Make a move where you know your confidence is self defined and not human mentality driven.

Cheers to self definition!



Purva Agarwal

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