What Do You Deserve ?

Purva Agarwal
2 min readOct 9, 2020


Since our early age we learn to adapt the basics of humanity, morals, dignity and respect. Have anyone ever taught that why do we need to learn them?

I strongly agree that we all want what we deserve. We want to be treated as a human because we deserve it. We want to justify our morals, maintain dignity and should be treated with respect as we “deserve” it!

So just because we deserve humanity, morals, dignity & respect.. we adapt to learn them.

But who decides that what we deserve?

I am not sure how many of you are firm believer of those common sayings- “do good deeds, it always gets count” or “what you give is what you get”. But I would like to put forward my diverse belief that these sayings play well when you apply it for your own self!

Doing good deeds for your growth, your mind peace, your courage, your experience, your emotions, your dedication is what meant to get count. And positive mentality, humble manners, good health, knowledge, care, nurturing, honesty, patience, healthy boundaries, creative hobbies is something you should always consider giving yourself so that in return you get your own best self.

Because you deserve your ownself !

Your actions, beliefs, manners, knowledge, lifestyle, passion, experiences, habits, mentality, talent, maturity such things defines what you deserve!

Image source- Canva

Nobody can ever give you the things which you truly deserve to get by your own self.

Surely, many others things are out there which we deserve to get from others like love, companionship, friendship and support. But it’s not always that we are deserving enough for others but you are always deserving enough when it comes to true self.

You deserve to know the real you, you deserve to see your success & failures, you deserve to grow from your pain, you deserve to enjoy, your deserve to live numerous chapters of life and you deserve to learn what is meant for you!

Because you always get what you truly deserve!

Cheers to our deserving self!



Purva Agarwal

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