Want Best for You OR Wanna Make Best of You..?

Purva Agarwal
3 min readDec 24, 2019

Is it me or you as well who partially hate change in life? I know nothing is ever constant. Everything has an ending diversely. But how righteous do you think bringing change in one self is? I believe, time is always responsible for change but it’s astounding that how time changes human self as well.

We can never be same. Eventually we change like every one does and these changes are never a choice. I don’t know what is erratic between the changes in one self or changes in humans around. But no can be blamed for these changes either in us or in others,whatever it is, we gotta take it no matter how destructive it can be.

Perhaps, growing up gives us courage to change ourselves thinking its for our own best. But to me this idea itself appears to be illusional. I mean, you change yourself once thinking it’s for best then later again you change yourself to get your best. What is this ‘our best’ that we are trying to achieve here? Precisely, no one can define their best promptly. Instead they can create their own best.

I strongly agree that there are hard times, some betrayal, some ups and downs, some self doubts, some failures, struggles which forces changes in us. But lately, I realised just to cope up with difficulty I do not need to change myself. I don’t need to think incapable of my current self for facing so called hard times. I just need to make a step of improvement without changing who I am. Our identity can be static but personality is always dynamic. So why not, make this dynamic trait as improvements in us?

Source: https://www.ipsychology.net/self-improvement/

Just like me, anyone might happen to land in situations where people want you to change, they want you to be as per their expectations, they want you not to bother what you want or what you feel, they expect you to change yourself so as to be practically sound, and the demands are never ending.

It’s natural we don’t want to shape ourselves based on other’s expectations. Thinking about it, I got vivid version of whom I want to become in years coming down the line. People who know me personally have often heard these words from me where I tell them how I vision the way I want to be just by improving myself. They know how willing I am to make the best out of me. I don’t want to change but I simply wanna make improvements in me! I am for sure not the best for some but I will make my best for me!

So, no matter what world throws at you, never change yourself for other’s needs instead improve yourself to best stand on your own needs!

Cheers for making the best of you!!!!!



Purva Agarwal

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