Purva Agarwal

Jan 18, 2021

2 min read

Two Shades of You!

How many of you are a firm believer of a common saying that “our eyes never lie”, meaning what we see with our naked eyes is actually the reality? If you are one of those believers then this blog is definitely a reality check for you!

I always say that life is a perpetual teacher which teaches lessons for each day. Some of those lessons are very easy while some of them cannot be any harder.

Our actual growth in life is defined by such lessons of life.

We all say life is different for each person and the way they live is different too. But have you ever taught that at least there would be some similarities rather than physical structure between these massive crowd of humans? Yes, there is a similarity! Each human has two shades!

Thinking what nonsense am I saying?

Well, ask yourself why are you different when you are with people than when you are with yourself? Why you pretend to be okay from the outside when actually your inner self is not okay? Why do people think you are happy when you know the truth that you are not?

Answers to those are precise, you show one shade of you to the world while your other shade is constantly hidden from that world. Apparently, every human is just like you! As you have two shades every other human does too.

No matter how much you try that hidden shade will hardly be visible to others because you know well that your hidden shade defines your vulnerability, doubts, insecurities, pain, loneliness, inner struggle, in short.. your true self. And you have already mastered to hide that shade.

I am not asking for you to stop hiding your inner shade but always remember just like you every other person you meet has their inner shade too. So if you see others happy, successful, pampered, famous, etc from the outside remember that that’s not exactly their real shade… that’s not really the reality!



Cheers to that real shade!