To The One We Never Met…

Purva Agarwal
3 min readOct 16, 2019

Whenever, wherever we go, we are expected to behave as humans, the one who has a language to communicate because scientifically humans are social animals.

As humans, we do communicate instead it’s our necessity. But does anyone ever felt or thought of the actual meaning of communicating? Answer is precisely Negative! Might be, it is not possible to gain that complete positive answer but it is possible to achieve its certain degree.

When was the last time that communicating made a meaning to you?

There comes a times in our life, where eventually communicating becomes our desire. We need someone who can listen, understands, motivates and guide us and supports emotionally. But speaking of sad reality, we might fail to have such people in person.

These days through socialising channels, we tend to communicate with strangers, so much so that we start feeling as if they were never unknown to us. We come across people from diverse countries, culture, profession, gender, etc. With few we make an instinct connection while some never meant to be a longer contact.

As personal experience, I tend to learn and explore things just by communicating with the one I never met rather than those I interact in person. After deeply giving a thought to what actually this human interactions benefits me, I realised, personal interactions somewhere gave a struggle than the social media interactions.

For me, the one whom I never met, are the buds whom I share a bonding with, with whom I can speak easily and lay off all my thoughts and emotions. Also they were the ones I gained a new hobby or obsession from.

Here’s the couple of hobbies I picked up from those I never met.

Photography- Randomly got to see few photography work on social media of this friend, and after few interactions got to know how much passionate the person is about photography and traveling. Never known someone that can stay up whole night in crazy cold temperature just to capture a click where Sun rays throws astounding colours for few minutes.

Also, this person’s travelling experience, let me know so many places in Himachal, that it’s in my wish list now!

Blogging- Always wanted to take interest in writing but never took time for it until few interaction with some made me believe that my thoughts are worth writing down! And so I am here with my blogs.

Besides, gaining certain hobbies, I got to listen diverse life stories of these buds where I am glad to support them in their joy or hustles.

It is astonishing to gain trust on someone with whom we can be ourselves without knowing each other in person, as they are the one’s who will never judge you for who you are!

Cheers to the one we never met!



Purva Agarwal

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