The fake “First Impression”

Purva Agarwal
3 min readMay 23, 2020

There is no one who can predict to whom they will meet after few days,weeks or years. At some point of time we were unaware about the presence of those whom we call as important person or friends today. Life is so uncertain that we don’t even know who all will be a part of it. Does anyone like such surprises from life?

In this adulthood age, one thing for sure I strongly realise is that no person is permanent, no matter how special and important that same person is for me. One moment they mean everything and next moment we are strangers. One moment we feel they complete our life and next moment we can never be a part of their life. Unfortunately, this defines the journey we meant to have with that person.

It’s so natural that when we meet someone for first time or interact with someone for first time, we work hard to make a strong first impression. Why? Just because we want them to know how good or prominent we are?To make them feel we are smart and rational person? To let them know we are mature enough! So that means every first meeting is just facade!

We never allow that person to know what our real feelings are at that moment. We don’t talk about what flaws we have. We don’t show them what makes us vulnerable. We don’t allow them to know what is it that brings us comfort. In short we don’t allow them to know us. Then how can you feel that this person will be a good friend or someone important?

You can never understand a person not even your loved ones, it’s just their different shades that you come to see when you spend time with them or make them your priority. Their anger, care, ignorance, patience, maturity, efforts, rudeness, ability to apologise for their wrong behaviour, ability to work hard, confidence, excitement, fears, dedication and so many shades, is what creates a true impression about a person and these shades are something we must know if that person really hold importance for us. Love them being reliable on such impressions and not those fake first ones.

Learn to know a person by sticking to them no matter how hard situations are. Learn to make efforts to make them realise that they are important. Learn to trust their insecurities they have with the thought of losing you. Learn to love them in the way they deserve. As,

No human being is a Toy to be played with!

But never trust the first impressions as it leads to false expectations and that makes it more easy to lose, hurt or destroy someone. Never wait for a second chance as it may never come. Try to make it right in first time. Learn to love your important humans just the way you want to be loved. Learn to put a light in their life by being acceptable towards their shades!

Cheers to those real shades of humans!



Purva Agarwal

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