That One Moment !!!!

Purva Agarwal
3 min readFeb 12, 2020

Everyone’s life is always different than the others, but did it ever realised to you that your own life is never same with itself as well. I mean, each day shows different journey or chapter of your life but rarely any of those chapters are exactly same. Just because each day we live a different moment.

Just pronouncing that word leaves me with so much diverse feelings or emotions. Sometimes I feel a déjà vu whilst sometimes excited or quite a time sad or heartbroken. Then I realised our whole life is simply made up of just moments.

Moments have diverse definition for all. There will be some who will live a moment, while some will regret living a moment. Some will understand that this moment will never come back once it is gone, while some will pray such moments never to come back. Some will capture the moment like in pictures,audio or video but the barely visit them back while there are some who doesn’t capture that moment but replay them every now and then.

Each moment belongs to your own self !!

I agree there can be some moments which brokes us or haunts us and we would never like to revisit them. While there would be some moments no matter how much you want to relive them but you can’t. Some moments will leave you with sense of pride while some moment you simple regret and wishes to change them. But we all say what’s once done is done, so similarly a moment once gone is gone!

We can relive some moments by creating it again but not all moments can be re-created. I mean if we start recreating every moment, surely you gain the logic behind it but you will lose the magic behind it.

So, from now start realising what’s your current moment is about. Like having coffee with someone is moment, sharing your maggie is moment while hurting someone is also a moment. But never regret any moment, just realise what was good or bad about it. Each moment comes with a motive. Some to give you memories, some to punish or some to make you realise that you are missing something. Once you know that what was missing in that moments, you will learn what is desired for you and that moment will complete its motive.

If asking me about my moments, then yes I have different stories about each moment with different characters. There is some moments which made me proud while some made me struggle hard. One moment I was prominent will other moment I was breaking. Some moments I would always like to keep hidden while some moment complete it’s motive when I shared about it with others.

Lately, I realised some of my actions in a moment was not what I wanted but situationally I acted the other way. Today I wish I could change my action but instead I justified my action and took deep lesson from it. That moment I was extremely vulnerable but from that moment I learn how much my vulnerable I can be.

Now, thinking about my moment stories with my cup of coffee, I realised I cannot control anything but being real with myself I am living or experiencing the moments meant for me. I own my each moment to my own self whether happy or sad but they all are my moments.

Never compare your moments with others but share it with others similarly learn to live your own moments and not that of others!

Cheers to that one moment!!!



Purva Agarwal

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