That One Call /Message !

Purva Agarwal
3 min readSep 26, 2020


I am sure you all had your contact number memorised but contact of your friends, family members or any other person is memorised too? I know my question is silly. We all have smart phones, if we need to memorise contact numbers then what is the use of smart phones!

Well, congratulations to have hundred of contacts in your smart phone. But now being honest just think how many calls you make at least to any one contact just to ask “how are you?”, “how are things with you?” or“ you doing okay?”

I am sure genuine ones no matter how busy they are will do make such calls to get whereabouts of their closed ones. But I am curious to know how often you receive such calls?

It’s so disheartening to see that people call or text each other only when they need something or they need a favour or anything. It is rare that people just call up someone or message them to genuinely ask “ how are you?”

I want you to recollect and think in past one week how many calls you got or any random messages you received to see if someone is concerned about you, was missing you or wanted to catchup with you? I am sure answer is absolutely none. Surely you got calls and messages but all with some purpose, intention or some errands or simply work related.

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Isn’t it ironic that when there were no smart phones, people used to memorise each contact. They used to call often to check up on others. They always had meaningful conversations without any means.

But with smart phones when calling or texting or simply communicating is so so easy, people find it hard to get time for this. And the ones who does calls or text first gets judged easily. What a shame!

I strongly agree that we have busy lives, we cannot call or message everyone all the time. But once in a while it won’t hurt to just check on someone. It won’t harm you to call up to see how are things with them. It won’t hurt your pride to initiate the communication first. In fact sometimes the only thing you can do for someone is to be there whether in person or simply by that one call or message!

It’s true we never know what things are going on in other persons life, maybe they hurting inside or they are lonely or miserable no one can find out because no one tries to find out.

You don’t have be concerned for everyone but at least for those who are important to you, whom you have connection with or simply someone who was there to help you in your needy times or was there to cheer you up or someone who once listened to you.

Just making a habit of that one call or message will surely make that person to feel connected as it will be helpful for them more than you. Sometimes you might need someone to make you feel connected as well so go ahead and make that one call or message.

If there are some who still things low about you or judge you or ignores you after that one call or message than you really should be sorry for them that they are incapable to appreciate kindness. But surely some day they will realise it, they will realise the value of that one call and message.



Purva Agarwal

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