That Battle Of Heart & Mind!

Purva Agarwal
3 min readJul 21, 2020

In all my previous writings I usually tried to highlight the struggles and battles we undergo externally. But we all are so familiar with a phase that says “every coin has two sides”…. Perhaps same goes with our struggle too… along with external, we gotta fight a constant internal battle too…a constant combat between Our Heart & Our Mind !

I always view life as a book, with numerous chapters, with enormous characters depriving meaningful lessons & experiences. Some chapters we wish we relive each time while some chapters we wish never to read again. But in all these chapters of life, somewhere or other we have to struggle.. we struggle to learn, we struggle to give, we struggle to receive …eventually we struggle to live…

Imagine how powerful it would be when each time we are our own decision makers. No need to ask anybody for any piece of advise, no guidance, no moral support just being independent decision maker. Turns out that even here we need to fight that internal struggle … between Heart & Mind!

No one can ever master the skill of predicting one’s life, no one is that omnipotent… but the battle between your own heart and mind will surely give you ways and ideas to live that erratic life.

When was the last time you were battling between your heart & mind? I think I should ask this question the other way around saying – “ When was the last time you didn’t had a battle between heart & mind?” ….. the answer is pretty evident here..

It is definitely hard to say that who is correct between your heart and mind.. both serves different purpose but neither of them is always correct nor always wrong! It’s just that you understand your mind better, you know better what your heart wants… so you are the better Judge than anybody..

Many a times it is ideal to listen to your heart but there will also be some times where following your mind is righteous. I know this concept of getting a winner between your heart & mind isn’t vivid at all… Neither it will ever be ….

Some times your heart wins over your mind, other times it is good that your heart loses that battle with your mind..

Instead of chasing who is triumphant in this constant combat of heart & mind, try to focus to chase a balance between them. Try to make them work in parallelism. Each time when making a decision between your heart & mind just remember that your heart understands emotional positions better than mind while your mind accepts practicality better than your heart.

Some times your mind guides you better while other times your heart knows you better. Give each of them their own turn to help you, allow them to justify, allow them to lead you.. All you need to do is be wise enough to understand that at which situations whose turn is it to help you…

Certainly, you cannot end that constant battle between your mind & heart but surely you can make the best out of it.

Cheers to those who knows their heart & mind better ……



As mentioned on Instagram, the topic credits goes to my kindergarten friend Simran Francis 😊❤️ (



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