Some Unforgettable Moments….

Purva Agarwal
2 min readMay 31, 2020

I do say that life is unpredictable but many a times I too find it hard to accept that. Each day is package of moments, but this moments are not at all worthy to be trusty….because they never stay same, they never stay for long!

This moments are reality of life but at same time I question this, why this moments? Imagine today you are happy, feeling pleasant with someone or with group around you or maybe alone. But this moments might be the most painful thing you can experience in future or maybe it turns to be a beautiful time of your life. You never know!

Recently, looking at a picture I realised how much I am missing that moment when I clicked it. But more than that I realised what was it I was actually missing.

When you see the image you see the fallen leaves and beautiful campus. But when I saw more thoughtfully I compared those fallen leaves with moments which are gone. It’s like that path is where we are passing from and those leaves are moments of our life. Some seems beautiful and we admire looking at them while many a times we are so involved that we don’t notice the fallen leaves. Even sometimes walking in sad thoughts on that path we constantly wander about those fallen leaves.

I know I cannot blame this moments, it’s part of my journey but I so wish that moments can be trust worthy. Why can’t they just stay the way they are when I am with right people or when I am at my best never want the moment to lose.

There are some moments I am regretful about but there are some which constantly plays itself in my mind. I so happens to remember each details and conversation happened in that moment that it feels I am reliving it. More real than a déjà vu.

Lately, these days sitting alone and wandering those thoughts and moments, I got that feeling of calmness, serenity moreover I started missing those who made my moments beautiful and memorable. More than reliving those moments I want to live more moments with them who give a reason to remember my moments.

I so wish I could get those moments, my moments! So some day I can smile and feel happy when I see those beautifully fallen leaves…….



Purva Agarwal

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