Social Media is Blessed Culprit!

Purva Agarwal
3 min readAug 21, 2020


This technologically age has no limit over fascination, imagination, attraction or creation. Our older generations never could have imagined the connectivity we have in today’s date. The internet world is so unreal for them.

No doubt internet has made our lives much more simpler. Communication is easy, quick access for monetary, information in less than a minute, variety of entertainment and what not. But somewhere or the other internet world is a curse with a blessing.

I firmly believe that human life is blessed to experience such an easiness with life. But deep down I am utterly sad to see this blessing proves to be a curse, only if we allow it to.

The way we present ourselves on social media says a lot about us but at same time hides a lot about us!

Everyone has their own ways to make use of social apps. Their profiles, posts, updates, likes, followers, ideas, creativity, messages reveals so much about them. In fact is it so easy to know a stranger now and very easy to make known person as stranger.

People themselves create or destroy their own peace, mentality, emotions, trust, connections, friendships, beliefs, lifestyles just because they are influenced with social media. I bet no one can answer whether …

Social Media is Reel Or Real?

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I would like to put it this way saying using social media is a challenge!

It challenges you to maintain healthy mentality, it challenges to understand what’s real and what’s not, it constantly challenges to stay away from artificial beauties and attraction, it challenges loyalty, it challenges creativity, it challenges trust and majorly it challenges you to spend your time.

Moreover unknowingly we make so many comprises to get adaptable with this social chain. We comprise having real connections, we compromise spending time with friends in person, we compromise what’s authentic for us, we compromise being real and vulnerable! Because we don’t know if social life is reel or real?

But the good thing is we are the one who controls this crap ride of social media life. We can control our presence on social media. We can understand what’s information is healthy and not. We can maintain healthy interests and followers. We can control what we post and mainly we decide how much to use it.

But never allow yourself to compromise your real connections, beliefs, thoughts, friends, your appearance and your personal life.

Learn to limit your social life to give value to your real life. Make people you meet in person as priority rather than your DM friends, learn to be attracted to real friendships, experiences, creativity, efforts, stories and memories rather than a 24hrs status story and artificial post. Learn to improve your caliber for your resume rather than captions for your posts.

Learn that it’s good that social media is reel in this real life.

There is no harm to socialise, it’s okay you post pictures, you share your daily happenings or travel experience, it’s okay you share what’s new with you or what you are missing, it’s okay to share what new you learned or what restaurant you tried. But just try to make your social presence as authentic as you can.

Never make social media a reason for feeling bad about your own self, never compare your presence with others, don’t feel unworthy, never allow it to hurt others and majorly never allow it to mix and mess your real life …because at the end of day social media is just entertainment, it’s information, it’s a learning!

Social media is reel reflection of real life!

Cheers !



Purva Agarwal

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