Self Talk is What You Need!

Purva Agarwal
3 min readMar 27, 2020


We all know pretty well the desire of communication and indeed we practise the art of communication daily, because it is essential right? Without communicating with any species it’s arduous living a life. But I bet that barely anyone ever thought that communication will be more worth if it’s independent.

Even being in the quarantine period, social media and those illogical puzzles and nominations are practised highly so as to be acquainted with something and spare boredom. Well I am no one blame people but just imagine every time, everyone says they will do this or that of the home errands but they don’t get time. When finally they have plenty of time they are getting bored. God help people and their insane dependability!

Anyways, in this quarantine I am experiencing something that leaves me with a feeling of being depressed but serenely calm. I started to gain limitations in certain area of my life, limiting people around me but focusing wholly on myself. Eventually, I started talking to my own self, embracing my own rapid thoughts, my sad emotions, thinking more and more about myself.

Surely, I talk to people but surprisingly whom I had limited or no contact ever are the one creating good vibe while the one I was in touch with or wanted to talk are surely feeling distant. But depressingly I am glad about it.

“I am learning to express myself to my own self”

I am able to understand where I should focus, how people are treating and value my presence in their life, how doing odd home jobs feels like an accomplishment and not to forget book reading is getting more vital and interesting. Gaining answers to some reality check is never easy to take but talking to my own self, making myself a priority in any situation and embracing any truth with my flaws is making me the most important person in my own life.

To be utterly honest, self talking and feeling worth is never a precise intake. There are bitter energies and people to destroy your motivation, make you feel you are less or flawed as compared to others, some people will disrespect you and will hurt you constantly and bruise your self confidence. But self talking, self acceptance, self building, self acquainted… is the only booster to face them.

People who know me personally has constantly hear me calling myself as an “Admirer”. But I never let anybody know the real reason of why I passionately call myself an admirer. Today, while writing this blog I am sensing a feeling of self admirer too.

Thank you to those who made me feel optimistic about my talent and qualities and thank you to those as well who damaged, disrespected and hurt me. No other thing would have made me realised how amazing I am being independent and how confident it is to do self talk.

Cheers to self talk!



Purva Agarwal

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