Same Old…. For Something New!!

Purva Agarwal
2 min readMar 28, 2021


All of us have received a question in our growing stages, where people asked – “Where do you see yourself after 3/5 years?”. No matter what profession you are into, no matter which life path you are on, this one question is completely common for all.

Now, I am willing to ask the same question to you even though I know you do not have any correct answers for this. Nobody ever had or can ever have a perfect answer to this question.

Instead, of answering to where do you see yourself, focus on “How do you see yourself after 3/5 years down the line?

Recently I was asked by someone that same “Where” question. At that moment, I realised I have no idea where I will be, the idea of being somewhere is a blur! I do not even know where I want to be. But thinking deeply about it, I got the answer of “how I want to see to myself instead of where I want to see myself”.

I realised that answering to that “HOW” question, is my biggest motivation to create an answer for that “WHERE” question.

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I want to see myself as someone different from my current self. I want to see myself growing. I want to see myself as someone who has learnt lessons from my older self to make my newer self more wise, confident and capable. I want to see myself as someone who is overcoming more challenges than my current self. Simply, I want to see myself as someone better than my older self.

So, just like me, I wish all of you to have your realisations of “how” you want to see yourselves after 3/5 years down the line. Though the question is common for all but everybody will have their different version of answers.

Learn that everybody does not go through the same challenges or hustles as yours but the way we all can be motivated to face our respective challenges can be the same. Similarly, the answer to the “Where” question will be different for each but the way to create that answer can be the same.

Cheers to those who will answer to “how they want to see themselves” to create answer to “where they want to see themselves”!



Purva Agarwal

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