Passion Is Key For Everything..!

Purva Agarwal
2 min readJun 25, 2021


Are you one of those who always thought “what if I had a simple and easy life?” …I am sure the list of people asking this same question is extremely prolonged. But do you really want just a simple and easy-going life? Don’t you want to live a life where you grow, you learn, you fall but rise again?

Life is never meant to be easy but instead is meant to be lived…

I am a firm believer that life is a book and we are characters of that book, where there are numerous chapters which we had lived, some we are living now, and rest we will live in the future. Each of these chapters has its own essence, its own beauty, and its own learning. But have you ever thought about what is it in you that makes you “you” in each of these life chapters?

Ask yourself, what is it that makes you feel good? what is it that pushes you to do best? what is it that boosts your confidence and energy? what is that within you that motivates you in every situation of life? It is nothing but your own Passion!

Being passionate allows you to feel good about yourself, this passion pushes you to perform your best, it gives you a strong sense of confidence, and such a passion can always be found within you!

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No matter what circumstances you are in, no matter what task you what to perform, no matter how skillful you are, or no matter how many resources you have to do somethings but without being passionate about it will never give you a sense of participation, accomplishment, growth, dedication, appreciation or even just a recognition.

Imagine this, each time you are holding your passionate self, so you know that you are enough, you like doing what you do, you like being the way you are, you are giving your best and eventually you being the best! Sounds amazing right? And what if I say you actually can make it a reality?

All you got to do is learn what ignites that passion in you, appreciate and embrace your passion and then just hold on to that passion! I promise such a passion will never let you down in fact you will find such passion is only the reason who wanna do something, be somewhere and be someone!

Cheers to your passionate self!



Purva Agarwal

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