Let Yourself Heal!……

Purva Agarwal
3 min readJul 11, 2020

I always wondered what if I got a perfect life, like everything happening with me just exactly the way I wanted, I have everybody with me whom I wanted to be there, I got all knowledge, all blessings and all wisdom. Trust me even writing about it makes me say… no I don’t want a perfect life for me rather I want to live a simple and REAL life.

One thing for sure never ever compare the life you got with anybody else, not even your own siblings. Our life is our book, those chapters from that book are written only for us and the characters from each of those chapters are destined for us.

I cannot promise each chapters will be a beautiful one, with amazing things happening having a positive fate… trust me you will never want to read such a book about you.

Allow your life book to be thoroughly diverse and totally unpredictable to you too. Let the spice of surprise, suspense, curiosity always be present to flavour your book. Having expectations from life is never ideal rather dream, aim, chase & seize your life.

I know always being so optimistic about it is never possible… that’s why sometimes you need a break from it. When you see life is falling down or things are not happening the way they are supposed to be, when people hurt you, destroy you or shatter your soul to pieces, when you lose job or you see failure in something, when you lose certain connections or when you simply get tired from everything around you….this is when having a break from everything is the only solution.

Break is meant for you so that you can relax and recharge yourself to live that book of yours more prominently. Taking a break gives you space and time to rethink and redo many errands or simply start a new one. Having a personal space or me time soothes you, your mind, your emotions, your body and moreover your inner soul. In my definition, this is the healing we need or let me say this is the healing we desire.

Not always we heal alone, many a times allow others to heal you. Or simply just be there to heal someone.

Healing is a just magic show!

Healing is like something you see as not possible for you to do or something not that probable of happening but eventually healing happens to you without you even realising it.

Image Credit- Sanyam Khurana (https://instagram.com/being_wanderrover?igshid=qg567u12unng)

Just going on drive can heal you, having a trip in nature’s beauty will heal you, having a deep long conversation with someone who is like minded can heal you, listening to that soulful songs can heal you, spending time with family and friends can heal you, learning new things also heals you moreover having your beauty sleep is your healing too….

Every-time not same things will heal you but each time you will heal. No matter how much broken you are, how much tired you are, how much of faithlessness you feel…. Healing will always show it’s magical presence for you.

All you need to do is allow yourself to heal, you surely won’t be much aware about to how heal or what to do about it, just giving time and having patience, will answer everything for you eventually…. But meanwhile,

Let yourself Heal ……..

Cheers to the magic show of healing….



Purva Agarwal

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