It’s Okay To Be Sorry…

Purva Agarwal
3 min readJun 6, 2020

It is natural human tendency that unknowingly they start expecting things from others, no matter how much they are bonded or interacted with them. Even so we do have certain expectations from a stranger too, like we expect them to have social etiquettes.

I know keeping expectations is not an ideal thing to do but some expectations are so natural that we better leave it that way like an expectation of receiving an apology!

Humans are social animals as they have abilities to feel, to express, to talk, to make mistakes, to hurt others but above all I feel they have a special quality of being apologetic. Sadly, not all humans are able to receive this gift.

We never know when we end up making mistakes, or end up hurting others or do any damage. But being acceptable about our mistakes and taking a stand on it by rightly apologising is not everybody’s cup of tea. I know in some situations it will be the toughest thing to do but that will be the most righteous thing you will ever do!

Saying sorry never questions your self-respect, instead it shows how highly you have that!

I prominently hate this human mentality that if you apologise first be it in a commitment, relationship, friendship or a business relation…you lose your self respect. That’s why human mentality pathetically sucks! No single human will ever be happy if they keep entertaining this crappy society customs and mentality…..

There are situations where apologising can be the only solution. Remember we willingly apologise when we do wrong to someone who is important to us but many a times we even apologise to that same person when they do wrong to us because they are important for us and they are incapable for being Sorry! This is where people say you lose your self-respect but I believe this is where you take effort to make other person realise how much important they are for you and how much wrong they have done.

It is not a good thing to apologise each single time but when you know you are in position to rectify and make things better, do it not for others but for your mind peace. Remember each time you apologise, you chose to stand for yourself and not everyone is capable of doing that!

S0me times we even expect to receive an apology. We interact daily with others and it is so possible of they doing wrong and making mistakes too, but I have seen people who chose ego or this society based question of self respect that they never apology even though they know that they are wrong. They feel so comfortable being incapable to even apologise. Sad but I feel sorry to even expect any apology from them.

Be it a gentleman or lady, each one of us must have that maturity level to accept wrong behaviours or mistakes and be rational enough to apologise keeping aside all kind of grudges and ego. You never know being sorry can be the most worthy thing you will ever do!

Cheers to those who are capable to say … “ I ‘m Sorry”



Purva Agarwal

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