In search of a distraction !

Purva Agarwal
2 min readOct 5, 2019

We never understand these days that whether we are at peace or no. We believe that no stress, no burden, no workload, no responsibilities is a definition of feeling peace. But do you all really recognise what is your inner peace? Or what brings you your inner peace?

As we grow up we realise each day of life brings a new hustle with it. So how can one feel peace when they have to face each onslaught hustle daily? As a matter of reality, we can’t run from our hustle but can prepare ourself to better face it.

So we chose to distract ourselves!!!

It might be that certain distractions brings you temporary peace. Some distractions better motivates you. Some give raise to a passion or addiction too. People have made Distractions as best practise of meditation these days!!!

As personal experience, I often try to keep myself distracted through creativity or book reading. The urge I feel to distract myself is when I feel exhausted or drained with emotional baggage. And yes how I can forget my best cup of black coffee.

I realise that people often tend to interpret distractions negatively, but it’s only when we don’t realise how we made our distractions as a destruction!

Distraction should be practised as amount of salt i.e as per our taste requires!!

Today, when I sit alone thinking about all of my burdens, duties, stress, etc. the only question I ask myself is that – Is this all permanent for me? Surprisingly, they all our just temporary circumstances!

That very moment I realise how should I react or handle them. And only answer I get is to distract myself from my temporary burdens to better face them.

Hence, Distract yourself productively and not destructively as no distraction is a permanent solution to a temporary situation!



Purva Agarwal

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