I’m On My Own!!

Purva Agarwal
3 min readJun 10, 2020

How many of you are firm believer of Destiny? Like whatever chapters you are creating in book of your life, is actually all directed by Destiny! Also destiny gets to decide which characters will be there in those chapters too. In short, your complete life is specified with one word – “Destiny”. Maybe we can say that writing blogs is My Destiny!

As we grow up, we all aim to be the best version of ourselves like being independent, mature, confident, knowledgeable and more over a good person. Does Destiny also gets to decide that what we want to be? I would say no. Destiny doesn’t decide the way you wanna make yourself. Instead I think it helps us to be the way we want to be!

Your calibers and qualities as a person is never a Fate! It is something you make outta yourself!

Surely the lessons or blessings of life is part of the Destiny we get, but the strength we gain from those lessons or the encouragement we feel with those blessings is something we decide for ourselves. We get to decide our dreams, we get to decide what we want to feel, we get to decide what we want to say,….we are the ones who is decided by destiny to stand for our own self.

There are many people out there to help you to be yourself but remember not everyone can help no matter how much they offer to. People we are connected with surely are important but only to some point because in the end all what’s matters is you, in the end only you are there for yourself, only you can handle yourself better than anyone close to you, you can pick yourself up each time you fall, you can chase the dreams which you only you can see because you can never ever betray yourself…

We make mistakes, we trust wrong people, we hurt others or feel hurt by others, we make efforts, we feel our emotions, we see hope of chasing our dreams, we struggle, we cry, we laugh, we win and we also fail…. But all of these things you always experience only with yourself. Eventually you use your feet to stand up and rise, you use yourself to achieve the things you desire ….simply you help yourself to be YOU!

Picture Credits- Sanyam Khurana

You may never be alone in this world but actually you are always alone. Even though you might be surrounded by many but still you are always alone. But does it ever happen that you leave your own-self alone? Never!

No matter how thick or thin situations are, no matter where we travelling, no matter what we are doing… we are always there for our own self… to take self care, to enjoy self travel, to do self accomplishments, to hold our self, to grow our self…….because in the end “we are on our own self

Cheers to those who can say….. “I’m On My Own”



Purva Agarwal

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