Purva Agarwal
2 min readNov 24, 2020

I am Okay? ….Or …. I am Okay!

I always tell people that a human brain always thinks 24*7, no rest at all. But, amazingly, we allow our brain to think about anything… whether something meaningful, something silly, something painful, or something exciting. Maybe there is a way to control this thinking process of the brain or maybe not?

If I ask you whether you can control the way your brain thinks, what will you answer me? I am supposing everybody will come up with some distinct answers, some may say yes or some may say a big no.

But when I thought deeply about this, I realize only sometimes I can control the way my brain thinks by changing my mind about certain things but rest other time I feel my brain just wander off on its own journey and I just sit there experiencing and visualizing that journey.

As it’s my habit to twist some of my thoughts, I applied something similar with this brain thinking chaos. I gained a new perspective that you provide something to your brain to think about. You are the authentic source of your brain’s thinking process.

Yes, it’s you who allows your brain to think negative or positive, sad or happy, motivated or discouraged, focused or distracted, tired or active.

You are the creator of your mentality!

It is a vivid truth that our life beholds a crazy amount of experiences for us. Neither each of those are the same nor some of those are easy at all. But it’s upon you that how you master the art of living those experiences.

Be it any situation, experience, emotion, struggle…anything, just with the way you allow your brain to think about your own self, will help you gain confidence, answers, clarity, and enough courage towards anything.

For instance, there’s something bothering you deeply, something crashing your confidence but you cannot speak about it to anybody, you tend to keep it to your own self. In this situation, instead of asking yourself “ I am Okay?”… say to yourself that“ I am Okay!” … Surprisingly just the change in punctuation changed the whole impression of those words.

Similarly, thinking positively of oneself, being humble, patient, and calm is the only key to live certain experiences of life. You surely cannot everything, perhaps not even the way your brain wanders but surely you can control what things your brain wander!

Think about it!

Purva Agarwal

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