How’s Your Music Life?..

Purva Agarwal
2 min readOct 17, 2020


In our growing stages, when it’s the time to actually step into our career shoes we have numerous options for which shoes to wear…IT, medical, business, travelling, artist and many more.

Indeed we should choose the one which brings out our passionate self, so we can work and perform much better. But gladly there is something to do which turns passion into someone else’s addiction….& that’s Music!

No doubt I need no definition here to describe Music! It’s something that doesn’t need any definition at first place… just a playlist composed with amazing and soulful rhythm and meaningful lyrics.

Everyone of us has a different taste, mood, opinions, favourites, playlists when it comes to music.

Isn’t is amazing that a same music can hold different definitions at same time.

For some it’s a happy tune, also for some it brings back memories while for many it creates some memories. There are many of us whose daily dose is music also for some occasional music is just what they need.

I am sure everyone of us has hundreds of songs in our devices. All songs totally different from one another because human needs variety everywhere.

I strongly believe just like me you too have that weird playlist ready with you for each moment or each mood or simply for each day!

My daily playlist

I don’t know why I feel my playlist is weird but only I know how strongly that music in each of my playlists belongs to me, my moments, my moods, my experiences.

There so many songs that makes me to do a happy dance, then there are some that becomes a true companion to me while some creates beautiful memories for me.

Maybe it’s true that our music taste defines us better then I am thankful that I have queer but a real definition for me.

Moreover, I had experienced that music is a great foundation for any friendships or connections. We connect more lively with others when we share similar taste or playlists in music. And surely singing in top of our voices to favourite lyrics while riding, driving, cooking or simply with someone is that happy moment we all need!

Lately, I got diverse music to enjoy just as suggestions from friends but in less moment of time that music became part of my playlists.

Whether exploring new songs each time or listening some in a long time, or simply playing that one crazy song on repeat .. be it anything to make you live your music life!

Cheers to music!



Purva Agarwal

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