How wonderful it is to feel Nervous!

Purva Agarwal
2 min readMar 10, 2020

This is a very common saying that “Nothing is impossible in this world”. But being sensible enough we all agree that some things better be left as impossible. The things, moments, emotions, achievement or breakdown whatever is meant to be possible will happen naturally and whatever deserves to be impossible will never happen.

I would ask for nothing more when someday I can make some impossible happenings as possible. But I would gladly pin out the things which I feel is thoroughly impossible to happen. Thinking deeply about it I am very sure about this one thing that is never possible….To find a single human who never felt nervous about anything ever.

The other day just scrolling on social media I read a quote which left me with a very meaningful thought. It says…

“Feeling nervous about doing something is a true sign that you are doing something that really matters to you”

Thinking insightfully about this, I made a vivid belief about how can I understand what matters to me? Maybe not profoundly at times but some moments, some opportunities or even some emotions will hold importance for me & if I feel nervous about it then yes it is a worthy shot for me.

Nervousness is never portrayed rather it is lived like a quick moment. It’s is short term but something I can say as luminary. The time when we do something for first time or something adventurous it leaves us with that adrenaline rush but that’s the most beautiful part of that moment.

So try to recollect the time when you felt most nervous about something but it’s end result was so worth it, isn’t it? I bet your nervousness is a best souvenirs to you.

Until that day I barely realised how much confidence such nervousness of mine had given me. There were times when I am titled for my level of confidence but trust me it was nervousness that brought my best performance.

The moment I felt nervous it gave me more urge to improve my level preparation. Nervousness helps to get out of that comfort zone and e,brace what are capable of and something’s that does matters to you.

Just imagine how it would have been if you have not felt nervous before your first stage performance, your job interview, your solo travel, your first adventure, your first proposal, your first paycheck and what not to add in this list. Those first and each moments made it’s count when we cherish the nervousness we felt and lived about them.

I hope each time you feel nervous from now on, that every time you will know how much your doing matters to you and your nervousness is your strongest caliber ever.

Cheers to that feeling of nervousness



Purva Agarwal

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