How Wise You Are When It Comes To Social Media?

Purva Agarwal
3 min readSep 16, 2020


Can you name me at least one person who is not an user of Internet and Technology? Come on! In crowd of millions you can find me just one person! I agree no matter how simple my question is sounding to you right now, but it’s the most difficult one to answer!

Today’s world and life style no matter how advanced and beneficial they are, will always be known as a huge destruction in human history. The only reason is ..

social media, internet and advance technology !

Have you ever realised how much time do you spend on social media with your phones or devices? Or let me ask in this way … Have you ever realised how much time you waste on social media? Well to get that answers I suggest you to check your screen time reports. Evidently, you will get to know how much productive you are and with which social media apps.

I am no one to question the functionality of any social media apps. I, myself is an active user of few selective apps. But based on my experience of being an active user, I realised how much wise I was with those social media activities. To be honest, I would like to rate myself 2 outta 10 when it comes to being wise with my social media activities.

I agree social media is fun, interactive, creative and a learning too. But the amount of people who knows their limit when it comes to social media apps and activities is very … very minimal.

Though we are surrounded with smart phones and devices, unfortunately we are no smart people.

I would like everyone reading this to ask themselves how much helpful social media was to built you mentally? How much level of satisfaction you feel with your present self? Haven’t you made a comparison with others? Don’t you get obsessed with how others are living their social life? The number of followers, likes, comments, DMs isn’t a big deal for you?

Answering such questions will definitely make you aware about how much wise you are when it comes to social media!

I am not asking to stop using it.. I am trying to make you think so that you can decide how should you use your social media!

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When it comes to being wise or smart about using social media, I am still a learner. The moment I realise how much time I am wasting on social media…a thought just got stick to me. I realised I am just causing a damaged to myself in many ways, by giving a profit to those social media tech companies!

Sure I want to be connected with others, experience social life, interact with people but I am trying to be wise with it so that I do not cause any damage to my mentality, my growth and my peace.

Value your time by helping yourself to grow in life.. never allow any social media connections and activities to change or make you feel uncomfortable with the real you.

Make a deal with social media that they need to accept that real and wise you!

Recently I happened to watch a documentary on Netflix name “the social dilemma”. I recommend to watch it and learn that

Social media is product to you and you are not it’s product!

Cheers to those who are now thinking to be wise when it comes to social media!



Purva Agarwal

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