Purva Agarwal
1 min readJan 1, 2020

Time is unstoppable and is never same. Maybe that’s why it is so correct to believe when people say never stop and go with flow.

At this time, everyone is entering into a new decade, in a new year, in a new month, but every one is holding different emotions. Some entering with courage, some with admiration, with hope, with distress, with failures, with struggles, with burden and what not!

For this year, I have setup quite an astounding to-do list for me as I am entering into 2020 with some challenges and struggles but also with a hope to achieve what I have profoundly worked for and deeply prayed too.

All I feel is we have our own book, we are the one to read our destined chapters while we are the one to fill our blank chapters.

Wish everyone will read their chapters and create some amazing ones too and will add a meaning for what the are living for!

Wishing all readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Years Eve!!!!

Cheers to 20–20!!



Purva Agarwal

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