Hey There Mood Swings …..

Purva Agarwal
3 min readJul 25, 2020

A human being is truly gifted with treasures of emotions and feelings. It’s that flavour we need to actually live our life. But did anyone ever thought that none of the feelings are unreasonable. Every feeling, every mood, every emotion emerges from some reasons or they themselves become a reason sometimes.

It’s a prominent reality that we sometimes do not understand those feelings, moods, emotions even when we immensely feel it, it’s just that we do not see the reason behind it. But sometimes some mood or feelings better be unreasonable to us, isn’t it? Those are our mood swings. We don’t know why we feel it? what made us to feel it? But still we do experience mood swings..

A human nature is always capable to experience multiple moods at same time… a person can be sad & happy at same time, a person can be confused yet vivid with thoughts at same time or a person can be active yet lazy at same time… it is just a play of mood swings.

I know having puzzled or jumbled moods is not at all productive, but who says there is no way to solve these puzzles! Any human can master to control their own moods and emotions. Some may do willingly but some may need to do it unwillingly.

We all understand our own moods better than anyone, we are the ones to describe it better because we are the one who feels it. It’s okay to have mood swings because it is yours. Sometimes your mood swings guides you better or helps you best in certain situations. In fact many a times your mood swings is a beautiful moment for you. Sounds absurd?

People who know me personally, knows I get terrible mood swings. I get so irky at times. But lately, I realised I need to have some distractions or calmness around me to solve my mood swings. Trust me you enjoy mood swings when you help yourself to get out of it.

A deep long conversation with someone close, listening a soulful song, writing down your thoughts, doing something creative, giving yourself your favourite treats, completing that unfinished book, long showers, finishing some left over errands, anything can help you to enjoy your mood swings…

I always thought being alone for a while is easy solution to handle my mood swings, but at some point I got tired of being alone. In fact in some situations loneliness boosted my mood swings. I know every time we cannot demand to have someone around but instead I learned to keep myself busy in some way or the other.

Each time when I trigger mood swings, I am amaze to see that each time I am finding a new way to enjoy it. Like today evening, though it’s a weekend evening I have no better plans plus heavy rain was cheery on cake. I got so indecisive about how to spare my time. Just sitting at bedroom window, with lights off, plugging in my headphones with my selective playlist, I was staring out the window.. that time rain with music was my distraction or simply a moment for me to solve puzzled moods. I have always loved rain but that moment I loved the way I enjoyed it.

Image Credit- Sanyam Khurana

So remember there are things which trigger mood swings for you but there are also things out there which helps you to enjoy your mood swings…. Just go find it and enjoy it by saying Hello to your mood swings!

Cheers to mood swings !



Purva Agarwal

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