Failure is Goodish!!

Purva Agarwal
3 min readOct 25, 2019


Isn’t it amazing that how same time in clock is actually different for different people. For one, its moment of success or achievement while for others its a failure or something worst! But as they say ‘our time is never eternal …rather its perpetually diverse each day’ .

No matter how much of qualified calibre you hold, one day it will not succeed. One day, you will realise that your aren’t desirable enough as a perfect winner. Hey! who says to be perfect in this imperfect world? Its okay to be imperfect…its okay to fail!

In our growing stages, we come to a point realising importance of failure rather than success. We realise, what failure is in reality and how important it is for us to succeed. Let me put it in this way saying,

“Failure is our biggest Motivation !”

People who knew me in person, has always known me as confident and successful girl, who is achieving growth at quite a younger age. Perhaps, people always knew my success but not my struggle! They are unaware about my dedication, my motive and my passion of learning! Maybe this has always boosted me as confident winner until I realised how much worthy my failure is too!

Lately, I have been preparing for higher level certification in marketing domain, but I failed! Even after preparing for it profoundly. The moment I completed my examination, I was confident to clear it but minute later result was fail! As far I remember, its my first failure in any examination! That moment was indeed overwhelming, but not anymore!

I happened to share this with people who knew I was appearing for the exam. Only thought in mind was how will they see me as a failure? But instead, I received replies from them like- Heartiest Congratulations!, You did so well!, You gave your best effort!. I don’t think I would have received this wishes more heartedly if I was successful in this examination. Moreover, my boss appreciated my efforts too!

That moment, deeply thinking about how come I fail, I realised how much incapable I was at moment to hold that marketing certification degree. I realised how much more practically and deeply I need to prepare for it, to actually make a value for holding that degree.

Today, through this blog, I am glad to share about my realisation of my failure. And also grateful to those people who made me realise that my failure too, is my moment of celebration and major part of future success!

Never run for winning with perfection, learn to win with imperfections!



Purva Agarwal

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