Dreams do come true!

Purva Agarwal
2 min readJan 8, 2020

How many of you dream to achieve something? Well I know every one of us do dream for almost everything but let me put it in this way asking ‘how many of you actually hustle to make your dream come true?’

To dream or to desire about goals and achievements is must to do, but just desiring and thinking about it is not at all enough!

Dream, Think ,Plan and Act!!

This is my strong belief that without hustle and struggle you gain nothing! Neither your goals nor dreams. Neither desires nor needs! There is cost for everything even your dreams. But always do remember you can always afford your own dreams through passion, action and dedication.

I am not trying to sound philosophical or an expert here but just want to share my experience of my dream coming true!

People knowing me in person, know about my past two years of struggle with my post graduation degree and with my job. Many did appreciated but less understood value of my struggle. But nevertheless, I am the one to go through it as I was the one dreaming about it.

I was always passionate about learning and dreamed to acquire that degree of MBA! To be honest I never imagined acquiring that degree would be that hectic and struggling with my job. Many times it did made me wonder that what am I doing? Why am I doing it? There were times I cried too because it was getting hectic for me! But every time I think about wearing that graduation hat, holding that degree in hand and posing for the most memorable picture of mine! That was dream that kept me going throughout my hustle!

Today, my dream did come true! I wore the graduation hat, holding MBA degree posed for my best picture!

Indeed it’s a great feeling to actually live the moment I dreamed about. Yet I had that incomplete feeling today as I wasn’t able to share my achievement with some I really wanted to but instead I shared it with many I never imagined of!

Never stop dreaming as your dreams will do come true one day!




Purva Agarwal

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