Do We Know Ourself Enough???

Purva Agarwal
2 min readNov 21, 2019

I have always believed that no human being is perfect ever! Having imperfections or flaws is what makes us a human. Feeling the beauty of perfection is great, but just embracing flaws is so much worth! Unfortunately, we chose to ignore worthy facts.

We are in such an ultra modern life, that only beauty, perfection, brilliance and triumph is objectified. Such a shame! But gladly, they never ever last long!

Wherever, whenever we go, we have to compare ourselves with others. We compare our personality, our beauty, our IQ, our possessions, and what not with someone who can never be our match neither we are for them.

Comparisons is just a neutral human nature, but feeling confident about yourself is what speaks about you!!!

Many a times we come in certain situations where we need to question our self-respect, but did anyone ever taught that self-respect is when you know your own self first! Know who you are! Know that you might not be best, but be real with yourself.

Accepting your real self is actual act of self-respect!

I am not saying it is easy to find ourself. It takes time. It takes patience. It cost our strength in difficult times. Its overwhelming for gaining trust in ourselves. It’s questionable to our courage. It’s blameable to our own emotions. But from this, righteousness is what you will gain towards yourself.

Lately, I have been in some situations where I did felt that I can never be good enough, no matter how hard I try. But during such times, at the end of day, the only thing which help me sleep was that I can accept my flaws and I can’t fake my own self. The way I am is the way I am! Eventually I gain honesty towards my own decisions and emotions, which is thoroughly my pride!

I started accepting that there are people who are better than me, but no one is me!

People are always around you to make you feel bad about yourself, to betray, to wound your confidence, to break you every time. But once you know who you are, how imperfectly perfect you are, how much flawed but real your confidence is, no one can beat you ever in anything!

People and negative circumstances are always temporary in your not so permanent life, but knowing your worth will be eternal!

Cheers for being in process of knowing and accepting our real self!



Purva Agarwal

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