Are You Willing To Shake Your Comfort Zone?

Purva Agarwal
2 min readJan 28, 2020


I always expressed my view about life as astoundingly conflicted. I can imagine no single day without any hustle, in fact just pushing myself out of bed early in morning is itself a big struggle by sensing the exhaustive day ahead of me.

In such conflicted life, always we get to hear that ‘no gain without pain’, surely it rhymes perfect but more so over it brings light to reality. Each of us has gained so much and yet to gain many more. But only we can acknowledge the pain it caused as it was the amount we pay for those gains.

A senior colleague of mine has made me a mental note that, for survival never get into any comfort zone. The moment you realise you are in comfort zone, shake yourself out of it! Since that day I was never able to get those words out of my mind. Eventually, to my surprise I realised these words not just guides professional attitude but personal as well.

I tried to implement those words into practise and lately, under some pressure and frustrating environment, those words proved to be encouraging. I pushed myself out of some comfort zones which benefited my working under pressure.

Nowadays, wherever we go, we all have that insistent environment around us, even at our home. We have so many errands to complete, many deadlines to close, and so much to accomplish. True fact, that we need to be proactive and motivated to complete such errands. But I bet, none of us can ever be stress free, can never be care free, can never be enough motivated as well. Some of us deals with emotional baggages while some lack strength to face those deadlines. But does anyone realised that such ‘reasons’ is what pushing ourselves out of your Comfort Zones!

Comfort zones surely is soothing and relaxing but it’s never perpetual. It lasts temporarily but might leave long lasting damages. Sometimes, we do require it but we should be sensible enough to know where we need that comfort zone. We should know well that which things or humans brings us that comfort but never allow any comfort zone to lower your proactive essential.

Working hard will definitely return it’s results to you, but for keeping yourself going through it never end up in comfort zones as change is constant rule of life and comfort zones will make it hard to accept those changes.

Think wise each time to end up in your comfort zones!

Cheers for those who are willing to shake their comfort zones!



Purva Agarwal

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