Are you on a Mental Diet?

Purva Agarwal
2 min readAug 9, 2020


It always amaze me to see the enormous capacity of a human being. They is barely anything which they are not capable of. They can feel, touch, express, experience, share, create, destroy and list goes on.

But I am very sure that everyone will strongly agree with me here when I say… being human is never ever easy!

We humans have to be well prepared to live a erratic life. We never know what’s our future is like when we are still striving hard to accept our past and trying best to be adaptable with our present.

We aim to achieve that balance between our social, professional and personal lives. We struggle hard, we hustle, we try, we fail, we cry, we stress… only to find that balance.

But why is this search of that perfect balance is persisting? Is there any end for it? Will be it worth achieving? Evidently there is no answers for these questions. But as I said humans are capable of anything then I believe humans will definitely survive without those answers too.

Instead of finding that exact balance between our social, professional. & personal lives, how about we focus on having balance with our mentality first? How about we start doing a mental diet for that?

Though we humans have same physical structure like a pair of eyes, pair of hands, one brain, pair of feet’s but neither of the humans are same nor do they have same roles.

Some play role of mother, some of father, some of artist, some of learners, some of travellers but everybody requires to maintain their mental balance.

We all know dieting is a prominent step for our physical health but isn’t it amazing that it can equally be prominent for our mental health too!

Image source- Canva

There are numerous ways to do a mental diet, and we are the one who decides the diet we need. A human brain thinks 24*7, they is no halt here. We are most aware about our thoughts so we are the one to control them.

Eliminate negative thoughts, harmful ideas, thinking low about own self, thinking overly about situations, hurtful imaginations, taking excessive stress and quit having unreal expectations.. this is were your mental diet starts.

Have positive people around you, do productive errands, read books, express your feelings, maintain personal journal for writing down your thoughts, talk to like minds, share ideas, listen soulful music and surely meditate and exercise.

It’s upon you what mental diet you need but it’s still upon you that how sincerely you follow your mental diet!

Cheers to those who follows mental diet.



Purva Agarwal

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