Actually…..You Are Never Alone!

Purva Agarwal
3 min readJun 28, 2020

How many times does it ever happened with you that you are socialising in a group but at same time you have urge feeling to be absolutely alone, but also there are times when you are alone and feel to have a constant companion with you? I hope I am not the only one landing up in such situations.

It is a common belief that everything in life should be balanced, be it the balance between your professional & personal life, between your studies & playtime or between your family & friends. But does it ever occurred to you that how important it is for one self to have a balance between being alone & being around people? Trust me having such kinda balance with definitely make your imbalanced life an ideal one.

You start to gain self respect only when you are all alone…

For some being alone is not an easy thing to do instead being in group is their thing, while there are some who are so best at being alone and being in group is not their cup of tea. It’s okay to fall in either of these situations.

Ideally I feel it is important to be a part of group but also it is equally important to have lone time as well. Surely being in group allows you to explore with others & have good times, but being alone allows to explore your own self. Being alone will create equally beautiful memories too, just like being with others.

Imagine that you are doing your solo trip in mountains, reading a book alone with your coffee, cooking for self, planning your home decor alone, creating your own music playlist, exploring and learning things alone, lone drives & rides with the absolutely suitable music… be it anything but just doing it all alone. Now generally doing such errands makes you look you were alone but thinking with other perspective I would say even being alone you actually weren’t alone!!!

While doing that solo trip in mountains you we accompanied with nature’s best creations, while reading that book you were actually accompanied by a story & characters of that story, while cooking for self you were involved with your own creativity in cooking, while planning your home decor alone you are so occupied with news ideas, while creating that music playlist you were influenced with your music taste and favourite voices… in short even being alone you actually never were alone.

You are constantly occupied with your thoughts, your fears, your creativity, your excitements, your ideas, your pain, your music, your books, your vulnerabilities, your good and bad memories & many more, even when you are all alone. I truly belief that one can grow more better being alone in such manner rather than constantly being dependent of your companion.

So think and try to tell me.. how much did you enjoy your own self being all alone when you weren’t actually all alone?

Cheers to those who can enjoy their Lone self !



Purva Agarwal

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