2020- A Good Teacher!

Purva Agarwal
2 min readDec 31, 2020


WHATTTT?????? How come 2020 be a teacher for us? You all must be thinking I am going insane that I am taking 2020 positively and addressing this year as a teacher!

But at the last day of the year thinking about how 2020 was for me…first thing stuck to me was that .. “This year I got to see a new version of me”.

Indeed this year was like a bag of surprises .. I never would have imagined working from home for straight 10 months, never would have spend months at home with my sibling, never would have thought an ordinary mask as a compulsion..and the list goes on.

I agree, it was a toughest year for millions of people, many lost their closed ones, their job and made many compromises. But there is a common saying which I feel is the accurate description of year 2020…

“Every coin has two sides”

Yes, along with negative circumstances that we all faced in this year, there are many positive things that happened too.. but it thoroughly depends on the way you see it.

Many people learned new habits, many got better jobs, many learned to prioritise their health, many people managed to complete the long pended errands, many people adapted a home routine, many of them felt that they are a master chef, while many other saw themselves as a true artist…

Asking me about my positive experiences then I got a long list dude! I got to finish more books, I finally managed to follow a routine, I learned to give time to my health, I made a habit to cook daily and more importantly I majorly spend my time with my own self.

Sure, there were times when I got bored, frustrated and equally depressed. But each time I got enough space to improve myself and grow from those circumstances. Moreover I got more clarity about which people, errands, hobbies and choices to prioritise.

Post lockdown when I met many of my people, I realised just like me everybody has achieved a new version of themselves.

Some of them followed new hobbies, some of them gained new skills along with their weight, some of them gained emotional maturity, while some started their own business and created their own path. And not to forget many of them got married!

At last the year 2020 being a teacher not just made me to see a new me but also shown me how much better I am with the new me.

Year 2020! Source- Canva

So before the beginning of another year, think about your experience with 2020 as a teacher!

Wishing all a very Happy New Year’s Eve! #2021




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